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Kim Yuhee imnida!! I'm an Avid Reader, Fangirl,Occasional Writer, Daydreamer, Movie-goer,Gamer, Music Lover, Procrastinator and Blogger.

This blog contains just about everything that's on my mind so there may be occasional nonsense. You've been warned. xDD

I love K-pop.. Seriously I like many groups such as Big Bang,SHINee,2ne1 etc.. But I'll always have a special place in my heart for both U-kiss and TVXQ. AKTF :)

I love traveling, and someday I plan on going to Korea.. :)

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2pm - I Can't
IU - I Don't like her
JYJ - Found You
U-kiss - When Love Stops
U-kiss - A Friend's Love
  Monday 16, 2012.
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